On-shore small-team software development

We do on-shore small-team software development services. What does this mean? We will explain what we do by describing On-shor and Small-team.


We focus exclusively on the on-shore model. We do supply bodies to our clients, what is commonly referred to as "on-site consulting", "body-shopping" . Members of the on-shore team travel at times of project need, we do place people on-site at client locations .


We love big-bang high-efficiency teams of 1 to 6 people. Teams up to 10 people are also fine. But we do not run larger teams - based on empirical observation that software teams beyond this size are counter-productive. Larger projects have to be structured as independent teams with direct leadership interaction, and technical interaction by APIs. Each team's API is its contract and commitment to outside world. A team of 100 may be structured as 5 independent teams joined at the hip by APIs - then you retain the magic of small teams while delivering scale. We do this, but we don't do single teams of hundreds of people.

So that's what we do - on-shore small-team software development services. If you have work that needs to be done in this, we will rock your world. If it is work outside this, we are a waste of your time.

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