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Yash Technology says that :-

We make complex things very Simple

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We do only one thing - off-shore small-team software development - and we do it very well

Software Development

Software Development is a term meaning basically computer programming of maintaining the source codes.

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Web Development

A website is created for a need for communication with larger groups by an individual for networking and services..

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Mobile Apps

Communication via mobile & its various type mobile application...

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About Us

Simple, scalable customer service software. Everything in one place, no matter how big you get.

Welcome to yashtechnology

YashTechnology is a leading software development and web application development Company targeted to its customer's success. We tend to convey top quality service in across India. Our hundred plus associates will be our most important possession which allows us to make sure to separate ourselves in a competitive sector.

Yash Technology provides high quality on site services for software development and the end users on a broad range of hardware & software platforms and latest technologies.

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Yash Technology convey that what we promise, we not only provide service but the customer’s satisfaction is the main motive of our company. Here we serve you the full satisfaction and pleasure.
YashTechnology vision is to rule the heart of the customers by offering them the high quality, cost-effective and progressive services and to achieve a premier top level in the market over the next five years within India and overseas also.
Architectures (Microsoft.NET , JAVA/J2EE, PHP , Android) Web Servers(Microsoft IIS, Apache Server, Tomcat, JBoss, Sun Server) Server Languages(ASP, Servlets, Java Server Pages (JSP), CGI/Perl, PHP) Databases(MS SQL Server, MYSQL , Oracle)


Join us to know what it is like to work for one of the world’s leading Global IT service providers. Work with us and join a highly talented workforce that is leading innovation across specialized industry verticals.

Why Choose Us

Just because we are focused on getting to done, together with clients.

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Performance oriented

  • Our performance-oriented culture with responsible.
  • Experienced professionals
  • Trust worthy online application solution.
  • yashtechnology Works outstanding.

Our performance-oriented culture with responsible approach has taken us where we are today. We have experienced professionals to develop with complex business logic dealing with large amounts of data and transactions. We are able to supply you with most desirable, innovative, trust worthy online application solution.

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Business thinking Beyond the Limits..

The more number of times a customer hits on your link, the more revenue you get set to generate from it. Therefore, this is where our role comes in.

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Cost Effective

W ith the number of emerging software companies increasing exponentially, the demand for high-quality development resources greatly outnumbers the supply, leading to increased domestic rates that just aren’t affordable. Our Agile developers are cost-effective. The people working on YOUR software are accessible when YOU need them. As well as we also provide cost effective MLM, Online Business Solution, Internet Marketing, web Hosting, Outsourcing, e-commerce Solutions, Software Training , ERP, CMS, Web Design etc..

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High Achievement Always Takes Place In The Framework Of High Expectation

We help to create new markets and give work places. But our general aim is to provide solutions that are tailored to the requirements of our clients. Our extended experience gives opportunity

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Our Work

All our energy is focused on your goals and projects.

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